Build A User Interface For Worker Proposals

Dacoco is building contracts for a Worker Proposal system, but will not have any User Interface from the start. This proposal is for WAX sw/eden to build that and integrate on

Proposal Name

UI for AW Syndicates Worker Proposal System

Proposal Overview - The Tldr

A UI to view and interact with the upcoming AW Worker Proposal System. Including WAX login, creating and managing the proposals.

Project Objective - The What & Why

The Alienworlds Worker Proposal system will help the AW DAOs to create and manage TLM for projects that has different milestones and timelines. It will enable DAOs to lock up funds in a contract, which are released to the receiver after agreed terms has been met and the work for the milestone is completed and approved.

Each milestone in the new Worker Proposal system will have an assigned third party arbitrator, which will solve any disputes if they occur.

Dacoco is building, deploying and maintaining the Worker Proposal system, however, they will not deliver any User Interface from the start. Which means the community need to provide the tools required for the candidates to interact with the contract, and allow the community to be ontop of everything.

Project Specifications - The How

The plan is to create a viewer (website) which displays the current and past proposals. With multiple filters and searchable attributes for added transparency and traceability. The User Interface is also planned to provide WAX login (cloud wallet and anchor). So any custodian, arbitrator and project member can interact with the smart contract in a user friendly way. The whole project will require a lot of hours to break down and fully understand how to best present and interact with the Worker Proposal Contract. Including setting up the database, backend functions, frontend functions, caching system and iterations on that feedback.

Project Milestones - The When

We will create an initial alpha version as fast as possible, and then continue to iterate on that as we recieve more feedback and user interactions. We hope to create and release that as in stages.

First Milestone - The Alpha version of the User Interface

Create a presentable website UI for the community to interact with, so they can provide feedback and ideas which can be improved upon.

  • 1) Set up SHIP node and Database
  • 2) Website Backend
  • 3) Worker Proposal Viewer

1) Set up SHIP node, reader and Database structure

This will allow the Worker proposal UI, as well as all other parts of Alienw to have live-feeded data. Which will improve the user experience.

The Node and reader is to get realtime data from the WAX Blockchain, and the Database structure is to enable the website backend to efficiently query and process that information for the Website.

  • [ ] Set up a WAX ship for alienw
  • [ ] Set up SHIP reader to parse relevant information
  • [ ] Create Database structure
    • [ ] Worker Proposal schema
    • [ ] New improved Syndicate Proposal schema
    • [ ] Build the Database-Indexer
  • [ ] Set up a caching system

2) Website Backend

  • [ ] Create required backend functions
  • [ ] Set-up cache system
  • [ ] Backend Logic for milestones
    • Each Milestone is technically a different object in the contract
    • This will require ongoing work

3) Worker Proposal Viewer

  • [ ] Worker Proposal UI Layout
    • [ ] For the viewer
    • [ ] For the Worker Proposal Manager
  • [ ] Filter for
    • [ ] Active proposals
    • [ ] Past proposals
    • [ ] Status
    • [ ] Planet
    • [ ] Arbitrator
    • [ ] Candidate
    • [ ] Project

Second Milestone - The Full Interface

Deliver the full Interface with a Proposal Manager

  • 4) Worker Proposal Manager - Login, create, vote, approve milestones
  • 5) Documentation on how the Worker Proposal system works

4) Worker Proposal manager

The smart contracts is lean, to minimize amount of complexity onchain, which means a lot of the added user experience is going to come from the User Interface.

  • [ ] Support for WAX wallets
    • [ ] WAX Cloud Wallet
    • [ ] Anchor Wallet
    • [ ] Cleos
  • [ ] Create Worker Proposal Milestones under one project
  • [ ] UI Functions for all Contract actions
    • [ ] Create Proposal
    • [ ] Vote Proposal
      • [ ] Approve, Deny, Abstain
  • [ ] Approve / Deny milestones
    • [ ] Add UI functions to follow deliverables
      • Example:
        • [ ] Delivered for review
        • [ ] Denied with feedback on why
          • [ ] New delivery based on feedback from candidates

5) Documentation on how the WP system works

  • [ ] Documentation on the functions
  • [ ] Documentation on the process
    • [ ] How to apply
    • [ ] Each stage described
    • [ ] How to deal with disputes

Bonus) If fully funded by Planets + Ghubs

Features that will be added to

  • Planet profile page, including previous candidates, easy overview of all actions, syndicate proposals and the new Worker Proposal milestone system.
  • User Profile page for all DAO members, including voting history, stake amount, tokens, if regged candidate, if ever elected, if any funds from planets, and from which proposals, if tagged by Monkey anti-bot system, and more. DAO members will be anyone that staked any TLM and signed the member agreement.
  • Syndicate action notifications for social media platforms, starting with Telegram, also possible to add more platforms after it is tested and tweaked to please the community.
    • Including planet transfers, election results, proposals, new memberterms and more
  • New improved election history with vote snapshot
  • Set up and provide an API endpoint for syndicate information for other websites and tools to use
    • Candidates
    • Syndicate Proposals
    • Worker Proposal Milestones
    • Syndicate Elections
    • Community Ideas
    • And more
  • Features to export planet proposal(s) directly to csv
  • Other data will also be possible if requested by the community, e.g. votes, planet candiate details

The Requested Funding

After looking through the Alienworlds workerproposal contracts currently available in their github. We belive the UI will be rather complex. It's rather difficult to make an accurate estimation on time required. However, to develop the initial version, then the continued support, maintenance and hosting. For this we plan to request funding from both planets and the Alienworld Galactic Hub (Ghub), and to split the cost. The Bonus features will be added if both Planets and Ghubs approve the proposal.

We ask planets for 1,250,000 TLM and Ghub for 1,250,000 TLM, totalling 2.5m TLM. If aproved only by one of the two, We will reduce the scope and deliver as good of a product as possible (The bonus features), the payment would go to account: sweden

Team Information - The Who

WAX sw/eden is a small team that focus on providing blockchain infrastructure and services. The company is owned by Eric (CTO) and Vahid (CEO), and has 3 full time employees, Anders, Henrik and Joakim. The company is focused on providing Infrastructure, tools and products as a service. Including operating the Infrastructure and APIs for multiple blockchains and projects.


We can build a User Interface for the Worker Proposal system to better enable planets and users to overview and interact with the official Alienworld Worker Proposal System for the AW Syndicates. We are requesting 1.25m TLM from planets, with the hope that the AW Galactic hub add an additional support for 1.25m TLM for this project. Proposal is created by the team behind This project will also set up the foundations for creating more products and features ontop of the infrastructure and code, including planet profile, user profile, social media notification system and more.