Token of appreciation for has been built and maintained soley by anyo, and it has, and is, requiring a lot of time and effort. This proposal is a kind request to show appreciation for the work that is being put in.

proposal name

The AW Syndicates gratitude towards

porposal overview - the tldr

A Kind request for planet(s) and the community to show a token of appreciation for the work done for

project objective - the what & why

The goal with is to make it into a big hub for anything and everything alienworlds related. The initial focus has been to provide transparency and accessibility to a lot of the data that is otherwise hard to access for most users. The last 30 days, has 851 unique visitors and about 5.3k views, for the small engaged community, that's an ok start. let's keep the site working so it can help everyone.

project specifications - the how

The site is currently running on one machine, while the database behind it is replicated between two machines, it require if not daily, at least very frequent attention to handle edge cases ( sorry Magor, lots of issue with processing your proposals for some reason xD )

project milestones - the when

This proposal is for the work already put in, and to maintain the platform, so all milestones already achieved. However, many more features and improvements are planned. I don't want to set a limit on how long it will be maintained, but I don't plan to stop, I have plenty of ideas to implement.

the requested funding

Any sum that the planet council(s) believe is a fair amount for the value the platform brings for the community. To account: anyo.cabal

team information - the who

Anders aka Anyobservation


This proposal is a reference and a kind request for planet councils to show gratitude towards, and help motivate me to keep working on the platform. For transparency, I plan to request funding for building and maintaining from galactic hubs.