template for alienworld syndicate proposals

The below is a suggestion on how to format proposals for planets. Add all topics below to your proposal, and post it somewhere accessible, and then link to it in the msig for your proposal so everyone can locate the information. A well written proposal will add value to your proposal. Share as much information as you deem necessary to properly inform the council members as well as the community.

proposal name

name of the project.

porposal overview - the tldr

The TLDR summary of the proposal, what you want to do, how you plan to do it, and what you need to enable it.

project objective - the what & why

What do you want to achieve with your project?

project specifications - the how

A detailed breakdown of your project.

project milestones - the when

Break down your project in one or multiple milestones, they can also be tied to requested payments.

the requested funding

How much do you request for your project?

team information - the who

Information and links to your Project website(s) and social media accounts. As well as information on the key people behind your project.