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Main idea

The Alien Worlds ecosystem is quickly growing into a vast network of projects and games. I believe this to be the beginning of an exciting path that likely is going to be filled with a lot of interesting projects and events. However, for most users, it can quickly become information overload and be difficult for the community to remain on top of everything they can do and be part of.

Over the last 9 months there were over 2000 proposals submitted to Alien Worlds Planetary Syndicates. With the help of the community is able to track and explore these proposals, but it's a lot of information to sort through. On top of that, grants are awarded through the Galactic Hubs, adding even more projects.

I believe the community would benefit from a recurring blog post that summarizes and comments on the most exciting developments in the space. May that be new proposals, events, games, apps, or updates to current ones, as well as perspectives from various community members. Users can find unbiased and transparent information directly from the Blockchain on As well as community ideas, articles and project aggregators. What I believe is lacking is someone going through and curating material, as well as offering an informed opinion on everything that is going on.

I think this content should be both opinion based, as well as data driven. And I think I am perfectly positioned to create this content. Being a part of the Alien Worlds ecosystem since the inception, as well as operating the most popular Alien Worlds community site. I have a track record of creating a lot of written and video content showing my knowledge and experience.


This content would help the current and future community members to be aware and participate in everything happening. As well as giving the Alien Worlds team a source of external content to share through their social media channels.

The goal is to help strengthen the community, while also enabling discussions and spread of information and updates. An attempt to give a voice to users, as well as an outlet for teams, creators, players and projects to reach out.


The main format is written content that will be posted directly on, where quality over quantity is preferred.

Video will compliment the written content. It may vary in form, as it might be one short video, long video, multiple videos or even long-form interviews.

For each update, there will be a minimum of one video created specifically around the content.


The idea is to create content when there is good information to share, discuss and inform the community on. It makes no sense to push frequency, if there is no new and exciting information. But rather push content when there is something worth sharing. My belief is that this would increase the likelihood of community members digesting the content.

The content will always be pushed on the website, as well as on Twitter through, and retweeted and shared by As well as pushed on Telegram:, And Discord:

Any videos for the content will be uploaded on a 3rd party website (YouTube), displayed on and with public links available for anyone to view and share.