Kavian + WAX Hubs Creator program

Kavian has entered a collaboration with WAX hubs to encourage more creators to cover the growing Alien Worlds ecosystem. With the passing of this proposal on kavian, WAX hubs has 250k TLM to reward creator for covering the following topics. - Alien Worlds in General - - The DAO Syndicates - - The Galactic Hubs - Ghubs Website - The new Alien Worlds Lore - Alien Worlds Blog

The program aims at encouraging existing and new creators to dig into the broader Alien Worlds ecosystem to discover that it's more than just a clicker. The DAO Syndicates and Ghubs are enabling creators, developers and artists to enrich the ecosystem in their own way. Together creating a bigger and more interesting world for the community to explore. With Dacoco's latest endeavor to expand the Lore behind Alien Worlds, it's the perfect time to invite creators and new community members to expand their view of what Alien Worlds is, and can become.

On top of encouraging content creators to write articles, stream and record videos. There will also be fun activities to utilize your creativity to create memes or a chance to expand on the Alien Worlds Lore with the upcoming art competition.

More information in regards to each event and how to participate will be shared in the WAX Hub community. So if you are interested, make sure you join the Discord and the WAX Hub portal.

One risk identified, is the expanding use of AI shit content, which is why the article+video participation will be invite only. If you are interested in joining that, make sure to reach out to XxanderC in Alienw or Kavian Telegram chats. We much rather see personalized content created filled with opinions and a human touch.

If you have any questions, pop into the Alienw Telegram chat.

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