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Official backlog of projects to support from Kavian

Proposal: drlzguahbs4d

Date: 2024-03-04

0.0010 TLM

Value: $0.0

Approved by: hweaq.wam, anyo.cabal, a.d3u.c.wam

Description of Proposal

Amazing projects have been submitted from community members to the ipfbluepaper contest. Read about some really inspirational projects the community actually want to see built!

Wow. Such participation. Such engagement!

This Proposal is to support projects that active community members actually want built, not just Custodians taking guesses based on their limited understanding of the community.

Congrats to all those that submitted in making this Proposal possible-- this help build the future of the AW metaverse. Great work team, for making this possible!

Update on projects submitted:

alien.worlds: transfer

quantity: 0.0010 TLM

memo: awesome projects to support from bluepaper contest