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Kavian.World Shards-Bugfixes

Proposal: pwudlj2n4ffx

Date: 2024-01-24

40,000.0000 TLM

Value: $812.0

Approved by: anyo.cabal, neyau.wam, fr35y.wam

Description of Proposal

The Kavian.World Minecraft project has been successfully launched and sees a few dozen players participating in each of the daily quests.

We have confirmed with AlienWorlds that we can enable the AW Shards reward mechanism for the Kavian.World rewards, but the current system does not fully support the points mechanism for the new external questing services. The primary mechanics are already built, there is extra work needed to allow the points reward option for Kavian.World. There are also some bug fixes identified with the first external questing setup that are planned to be addressed as well.

Expected Dev Costs (half): $500
Total Requested: 40,000 TLM

alien.worlds: transfer

quantity: 40,000.0000 TLM