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Battle Miners - Development funds

Proposal: cttjmhnitile

Date: 2023-05-02

200,000.0000 TLM

Value: $2,525.3

Approved by: cabba.wam

Description of Proposal

To maximize growth of our respective projects, our proposal offers to target key elements of within our respective games:
As previously mentioned, In NBM, players can set up mining operations using land cards and miners. Each player can also use “Booster cards”, strong NFTs which constantly boost the yields of a particular operation. Booster cards are generally extremely rare cards having a value between 0.5-3%.

1. We offer to allocate booster features for up to 5 AW templates,
0.5%, 1%, 1.5%, 2%, 3% .

This option will allow users to use AW NFTs inside the NBM Metaverse to boost their mining operations. This unique feature will offer a strong advantage to any AW asset holders while providing additional utility(thus value) to the selected AW templates given those inter-game functionalities. .

2. AW sponsored Lucky Draw weekly events for a period of at least 3 months.

Lucky Draw is a weekly event on NBM where every player can try his luck to get hold of some valuable NBM NFTs or resources.
It could be easy to design a scheme where the AW council could be a 3 months sponsor for the Lucky Draw event by offering additional rewards such as TLM. This option will provide extra incentive for NBM players to explore the AW ecosystem.(Sponsorship for a duration of at least 3 months ; 12 events),

3. AW council sponsored weekly PvP events for a period of 3 months.
NBM has launched its PvP card game in 2022. Since then, we hold bi-weekly events (tournaments) with many prizes for the winners (NFTs, Tokens etc.)
Similarly to the lucky draw event, we will be more than happy if AW could sponsor this event by offering additional prizes (Sponsorship for a duration of 3 months ; 12 events)

4. Special blending recipes based on Apertian ingredients.
As we mentioned in our introduction, NBM recently released Aperta, a unique region on the New Terra planet where players can mine resources and NFTs. Aperta contains various biomes ranging from thick jungle to oceans. For our next release, while mining on Aperta, players will be able to collect ingredients such as mushrooms, water, insects and more. Those ingredients will be used to create recipes meant to cook strong elixirs granting temporary bonuses. We are thereby offering an option where AW users could also use and blend oversupplied AW NFTs (few templates to be decided) in those recipes in order to get NBM elixirs. . In the long term, this concept could offer an interesting way for the AW team to reduce the circulating supply of particular assets.

5. Formation of bilateral depth on Alcor for cross token swaps. TLM vs each of 4 NBM tokens.
This will enable users to easily Swap TLM/ NBM instead of needing to use WAX trades in between.

6. Including AW NFTs in NBM Cave mining
NBM cave mining is an innovative concept which is currently being developed by our team. In NBM Cave mining, NBM players will be able to explore caves present on the surface of the Arcadian planet in order to fight monsters, extract more resources and find unique items. In this concept, gamers will be able to collect extra ingredients, craft unique weapons or armor etc. This could be the perfect opportunity to ensure that each user holding in his wallet a particular AW template (tbd) could get access to exclusive AW branded weapons with unique features.
Additionally, we plan on introducing a leaderboard for cave exploration with weekly rewards for the best explorers.

This brings the additional option for AW to increase its visibility by further sponsoring leaderboard rewards with TLM.

This set of activities, events and integration should allow AW to:
1.Increase its visibility
2.Widen its assets utility
3. Stimulate community actions
4. Improve its Inter-game connections
5. Strengthen its marketing

Budget and expenses
For the following section, the budget required is expressed in $ (USD) (Expected in TLM equivalent in case of approval):
1. Integrations, Development and Design - 3000$
2. Prize pools for events: 3000$
3. Marketing and efforts associated to the collaboration for the duration of 3 months: 3000$
4. Liquidity for cross token pairs in TLM: 1000$

Total: 10000$

Battle Miner draft document:

alien.worlds: transfer

from: magor.dac

quantity: 200,000.0000 TLM

memo: Battle Miners - Development funds