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Anti-bot team Round 3 - Continued Action

Proposal: hdioq4s44sfw

Date: 2023-08-27

25,000.0000 TLM

Value: $251.2

Approved by: phlbq.wam, pq.xo.wam, n1saq.wam

Description of Proposal

Continuing the work on the public API endpoint with a list of known bot accounts, maintained by a team of detectives. The monkey detective team takes bot-fighting seriously. Two previous proposals, each covering a 3 month period, have enabled us to gather and verify a list of over 1,690,000 accounts as malicious actors violating the terms and conditions in Alien Worlds. Our detectives use a set of privately created tools and methods that have been continually developed and updated towards this end. The list of verified bot accounts is publicly available for everyone to use on the endpoint. This endpoint is currently being used by the AW bot team, EOSUSA butler service based NFT distribution, the miners union, taco, and all events that use the EOSUSA data exports including Eyeke treasure hunts. So far our efforts have borne great success and we wish to take what we've learned and continue this effort, further maintaining and expanding this list. This marks the fourth contribution of Magor. Magor has made a considerate choice to offer support to The Monkey Detective Team. We will consistently evaluate the situation in the ongoing battle. Our dedication to addressing this issue remains strong, and we will adapt our support.

alien.worlds: transfer

from: magor.dac

quantity: 25,000.0000 TLM

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