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Proposal: whf1bix5zlgm

Date: 2023-05-21

100,000.0000 TLM

Value: $1,262.7

Approved by: n1saq.wam, hx5b2.wam

Description of Proposal


Use your Alien Worlds Knowledge and earn to MAG
How much do you know about Alien Worlds?
Test your Alien Worlds Wisdom

Hows work Game?

l will prepare the game (it will be on Android side). l will prepare questions and share on the game and users will download the game and play Alien Worlds- MAGOR Duel. if they know true answers Users will collect to point or MAG. And we will give him MAG.

Purpose: The goal of this event users learn more Alien Worlds game, NFTs and Earn to some MAG.

Technical Details

Development and Rewards Part: 100000 TLM.

We will think nearly 1000 members to download game and play our game.

alien.worlds: transfer

from: magor.dac

quantity: 100,000.0000 TLM

memo: MAGOR Duel, first round