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Mission Control

Proposal: c3stbr5zirjg

Date: 2023-09-01

130,000.0000 TLM

Value: $1,641.5

Approved by: oy4ra.wam, 5thba.wam, 42lra.wam

Description of Proposal

Mission Control is a versatile platform that merges gameplay with strategic tools and quality-of-life enhancements within the Alien Worlds ecosystem. Serving as a dynamic questing hub, it not only provides an engaging method to earn Trilium but also offers valuable utilities such as the Mine Maximizer and Tool Tactician. Mission Control also empowers every player's vote to have a meaningful impact on the weekly government elections in Alien Worlds.

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alien.worlds: transfer

from: naron.dac

quantity: 130,000.0000 TLM

memo: Mission Control