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CryptomonKeys Anti Bot Team

Proposal: bo32puxbm2nt

Date: 2022-12-20

486,000.0000 TLM

Value: $8,549.4

Approved by: a52qw.wam, anyo.cabal, vwiaw.wam

Description of Proposal

Anti-bot team

A public api endpoint with a list of known bot accounts, maintained by a team of detectives.

The cryptomonKeys team takes bot-fighting seriously, and has blacklisted more than 17,000 accounts from bot networks from our distribution. Previously, these efforts were directed towards our lands alone. However, we can extend this to all alienworld lands. Our detectives use a set of private tools and methods that we should not share publicly (because it would potentially inform bot networks on how to circumvent our detection), but we can share the final product publicly, for the entire community's benefit. Obviously, maintenance of this list is a continuous effort on behalf of a team of four detectives and takes significant time.

Endpoint published - January 1st 2023
Monthly update with the number of additional bot accounts detected - 1st of each month

Requested funding:
We have 4 detectives. Each detective puts in on average ~1 hour per day. 30 hours per month each, at $20/h, plus $20/month hosting = $2420 per month.
At current value: 162,000 TLM per month.

Initial request: 3 months. 486,000 TLM

alien.worlds: transfer

from: neri.dac

quantity: 486,000.0000 TLM

memo: CryptomonKeys Anti Bot Team