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PIXTALGIA - additional support

Proposal: c1ceu1c1hcrd

Date: 2023-02-18

100,000.0000 TLM

Value: $1,695.8

Approved by: a.d3u.c.wam, hweaq.wam, 51mqs.wam

Description of Proposal

PIXTALGIA - Matching Fund Support on Eyeke
initially proposed from ShrimpBaguette

"We are a 2D Platformer - Metroidvania NFT retrogame. Our proposal is to build worlds/levels themed around the different Alien Worlds planets, and use some of the most suitable Alien Worlds NFT assets in our game.

We plan to build a fun game, with some tokenomics and collectible NFT rewards, but in no way a ROI project or something where the earn part is the main reason to play.
We want to highlight the Wax creators, and make them part of Pixtalgia lore and have a space in our game, also allowing players to win some of their NFTs by playing Pixtalgia. We ask for Alien Worlds support to help funding to develop our game, helping AW community by integrating the lore / settings in the world of Pixtalgia, and giving more utility to some NFTs, and even adding TLM tokenomic in some way if needed, as a way to support the token (will need to discuss with you for details on that - it's optional)

We are going to build one planet first. Alien Worlds signs/billboards/posters will be in the main starting world. Also NPCs will mention about the possibility of visiting the alien worlds. We have a spaceshooter mini-game inside the game that could be used to visit the Alien Worlds.
The whole planet inspired worlds will be themed around the specific planet (each planet could have one or more different themes/biomes: volcanic, forest, desert, etc.) , from NPCs, Quests, Buildings, Enemies and Bosses.
We will give additional utility in our game to some of Alien World NFTs.

-Building the first planet
-Adding AW NFTs as weapons/equipment in Pixtalgia
-Space level sections to travel between planets
-Implementing some TLM economy in game, according to Alien Worlds guidelines (no gambling). This could be done rewarding TLM LP holders (giving access to special areas), or implementing TLM as a currency to buy items / NFTs inside
-Building more planets (in further proposals)

The extimate timing would be aproximately 5-6 months to fully build a good, fun planet, with all original art, monsters, NPCs and bosses, aside all the other stuff we are working on for Pixtalgia.


In order to reduce our burning rate and improve the development of Alien Worlds features and utilities in Pixtalgia, we are requesting 6.000 dollars.

As part of this, most of the Alien Worlds NFTs will be included in Pixtalgia (mainly weapons/equipment). Buildings and custodians NPCs will be themed after Alien Worlds creatures.

There is a planned space shooter minigame that also follows the theme of Alien Worlds. That could be a way to travel between planets.

The NFTs in Alien Worlds will gain a broader utility, and a fun bridge will be created between the two worlds.

Why 6.000$?

We are a startup with highly skilled part-time developers and plan to gradually transition to a full-time Pixtalgia team. Boosting traction requires the support of well established gamefi creators, both financially and through fun and engaging community activities. The sum won't allow us to transition to fulltime, but will allow us to allocate a significant amount of time from our dev team to the integration between Pixtalgia and Alien Worlds and deploy both in-game integrations and marketing activities quickly.

We calculated the hours needed for such integrations and the profitability that could result, which will help us gain traction, momentum, and get closer to our final goal of anticipating most of our roadmap steps. The most important thing is to provide more value to the players and collectors.
Team Information - The Who

Peter Pots - Pixtalgia creator, pixel artist, level designer, head of project
Aquascapeart - Community manager, PR Support
Fabio Flagello - Game Developer
Simone Saturno - Web & Blockchain Developer
Francesco Pagliaro - Marketing & Strategy Assistant
Tech Stack

Game dev:

Game Maker Studio 2 Framework

Web3 dev:


The Pixtalgia Web architecture is made by 4 main components:

Wordpress website for the facade elements that are presented to the user.
A Platform Engine built with the GameMaker Studio 2™ Framework.
Node.js web server for managing the web3 side.
Node.js game server for managing multiplayer.
Main Expences - server renting, domain rental, occasional external art purchase (music, sound effects, etc), dev support"

alien.worlds: transfer

from: neri.dac

quantity: 100,000.0000 TLM